Gear Head Stuff I Use


We’ve worked with various kinds of gear to get the right look and feel we want for our clients from photography to cinematography. Cameras and gear are readily available for every budget, including the Sony A7s, A7rM2 which can all shoot 4K in a small footprint as well as larger video cameras – the 4K Sony FS7 and the Blackmagic Cinema camera.

From jibs to motion control, sliders, electronic gimbals, and anything that can create and produce that cinematic look you’re after. 

The Tools

Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

I have used quite a number of camera bodies for different jobs. My personal go to camera bodies are the Sony A7R and the A7R Mk II. Don’t be fooled by the size of my camera. It is more powerful and feature rich compared to most huge DSLR cameras in the market. Having a full-frame sensor, small compact size, good low light capabilities, high megapixels, in body stabiliser and the list goes on…   

Camera Lenses

I use mainly Sony native full frame lenses for my stills and motion pictures. Working with native lens work great with the fast auto focus, especially on the A7R MKII. 

Cages and Brackets

Caging up your camera for videography is a great way to protect your gear, but most importantly is so that you can equip your camera with different attachments. From microphones, follow focus, LED lights, shoulder rig,external monitor, just to name a few. While using for photography I op for the L-Bracket for some protection and ease of attaching to my tripod.

Camera Support

Keeping your camera steady or on the move requires the right kind of tools. Which includes tripods, sliders, monopods, gimbals and more

Computers and Software

Having all the tools for capturing stills and motion is just the first steps. What is needed is for the final steps are computers and software. I use a 27″ iMac for the main editing and a 15″ MacBook Pro for when I’m travelling. The software are from Adobe Suite, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator, Final Cut X Pro, LRTimelapse and more.

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